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Learn basics of hypothesis testing in an intuitive manner.

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Course Curriculum

Normal Distribution (Revision - OPTIONAL)
Introduction 00:00:00
Uniform Distribution FREE 00:00:00
Area as a measure of probability 00:00:00
Normal Distribution FREE 00:00:00
Characteristics of Normal Distribution FREE 00:00:00
Standard Normal Distribution 00:00:00
How to calculate probability using Cumulative Probability Table 00:00:00
2 important rules to remember 00:00:00
3 types of probability calculation 00:00:00
How to compute z-value when probability value is given 00:00:00
A different type of table to compute probability 00:00:00
How to calculate probability for any normal distribution 00:00:00
Application of normal distribution 00:00:00
Revisiting the application 00:00:00
Normal Distribution : Some Real Life Examples 00:00:00
Bonus Lecture – Normal Distribution using Microsoft Excel 00:00:00
Sampling and Sampling Distributions (Revision - OPTIONAL)
Introduction to the Section 00:00:00
The Sampling Problem 00:00:00
Simple Random Sample- Finite Population 00:00:00
Simple Random Sample- Infinite Population 00:00:00
How to calculate the point estimators of population parameters? 00:00:00
Sampling Distribution 00:00:00
Properties of Sampling Distribution 00:00:00
Central Limit Theorem Explained 00:00:00
Why large samples are considered to be better predictors of population parameter? 00:00:00
Hypothesis Testing
Basics of Hypothesis Testing FREE 00:00:00
Null and alternative hypothesis 00:00:00
Burden of Proof 00:00:00
Type of Tests and Rejection Region 00:00:00
Types of Errors 00:00:00
Type 1 Error 00:00:00
Type 2 Error 00:00:00
Example 1 : Critical Value Method 00:00:00
Example : Z Score method 00:00:00
Example 2 : Critical Value Method 00:00:00
Example 3 : Critical Value Method 00:00:00
Introduction to p-value FREE 00:00:00
Example 1 : p-value method 00:00:00
Example 2 : p-value method 00:00:00
Example 3 : p-value method 00:00:00
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